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for godot [archive]

research in poetry

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Poem Ending with a Line from Nick Piombino



  1. Blogger matthew | November 22, 2008 at 3:20 PM |  

    well, that was some poem? and where was the pay-off, huh. Nick Piombiono is a pretty famous guy isn't he? All I got was "please don't let precision take away the inbetween" over and over again and no Piombiono line. Its not like I paid for it, well apart from with my time (although I skipped chuncks of it after a few minutes)(and I had to turn on th elight in th ehall in the middle) or anything but ... wht's the point of it - I like the way it went real fast and up and down near the end. That reminded me of an Irish reel, a fast traditional Irish music form. I wonder do you have Irish blood? Maybe those melodies and rhythms are ancient in us all, could be found in an Indian raga say or a hippie freak-out jam. Or were you just in a rush to finish it? coz you never really slowed it down, only sped it up slowed it a bit and speed it up again but never slowed it down unnaturally slow. I like the way you played with your mistakes, echoing them in your subsequent pauses etc to the point which I couldn't tell if they were mistakes at all and I don't want to know. Yet, thanks you for this poemt but change everththin.

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