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for godot [archive]

research in poetry

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Prelude to Sponge

Hello my name is Steven Clark hello hello this is my computer or a centering talk to you and telling a story near this book is bunch premise of this book is that I will speak is long as any to as long as I want to as long as I can for one of them it is a book with beginning with an ending and ending of the book will be written on one day the beginning of the book we read today the end of the book will be written several days without so much or how little progress. Space. I guess I have to say spacer spaces. If radical. In per second NUL described the rest of the sides born to want to do that get David Copperfield's was born a form and South Jersey was born in hospital until nothing is born in a log cabin on the log raft in the its theme park and the middle Copenhagen. As Tom Kournikova's hospital now that wasn't my sisters were never put his hospital. I was born in Glen Ridge New Jersey. It know the name of tolerance born to but my life is presently. Your finale for the well. Since first you have not been. Following that moved up like a, New Jersey. I'm not sure this is in great job of recognizing website. The feeling I mumbled. My name is Steven MacLachlan. This is a book called sponge. I'm a capitalist proper is it proper? On my vacation I visited proper Niagara Falls. A medication I visited and form. When my vacation I visited it before. A medication I visited our torrents. When you receive McLachlan Island ride. Rotterdam. I'll drive right. Island ride Rotterdam. The islands. This island in the park and went to visit. The proper Islands. Is Tom Kournikova's hospital now that wasn't my sisters were never put his hospital. This sounds like spam. Every range from it. In the name of tolerance born to but my life is presently. Speedway to generate catchy phrases period to put much of motivational words into a series of lists, and let them iterate through rank the connections words like in a use things like hope glory all kinds of patriotic words. Put them into the blender, rank the results, learned from your rankings, you create a New World order.

I'm glad that worked. "

" There are certain words that I this text cannot contain. One of them is "new

Paragraph" delete. 10. Fair enough. It is a currently this is a book rapidly. And without a delete key, at that. Delete delete back up never mind to use the keyword? Nevermind. This communication difficulty is not comfortable. Excuse me. It is comfortable. It is comfortable because it marked will come back to this later.

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