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for godot [archive]

research in poetry

"One old patrician is said to have expressed his love for literature in a particularly inventive manner. Instead of buying 'books without number' like everyone else, he spent vast sums filling his house with learned slaves, each of whom he required to become in effect a living edition of a classic work. One servant might recite The Iliad or The Aeneid; another would chant the Odes of Pindar. Every standard author had a distinctive voice."

Swell up, steep Cossacks.
Baffle us with equitation
Leave us sweating in wonder,
Brows sodden in the sap of twinklestuff.

We foment full and bare in your equipage,
Down down baby
Yanked up new bald and ready
Nape chapped, knees bulbous, awkward in space.

Fly forward and pull us on,
sweet heedless Nymph, ambrosial tartlet.
Baked Alaska of the lea, whip, melba.
Dulcet beast.

I like the way you're walking if you're walking my way
Needle and thread, one hand washes the other.
As birds sing out of sight, dull tines at the ready
to pierce the cervical arteries of our hillbilly foes.

2009 adoRno


google search: "news" 6.25.09

Adorno launches new corporate identity and website

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Derivations: selected poems, 1950-1956 [by] Robert Duncan.
39074002251080 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 2 times PS3507.U629A6 1968
Cy Twombly : fifty years of works on paper / curated by Julie Sylvester ; with essays by Simon Scham
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Poems, 1913-1956 / Bertolt Brecht ; edited by John Willett and Ralph Manheim, with the co-operation
39074000492983 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 2 times PT2603.R397A27 1979
Melville's marginalia / [edited by] Walker Cowen.
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Melville's marginalia / [edited by] Walker Cowen.
39074005787056 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 2 times PS2382.C68 1987 v.2
The list : the uses and pleasures of cataloguing / Robert E. Belknap.
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The United States of Jasper Johns / John Yau.
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Lessons of the masters / George Steiner.
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Roots and branches, poems by Robert Duncan.
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Rimbaud : the double life of a rebel / Edmund White.
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The evangelist of desire : John Wesley and the Methodists / Henry Abelove.
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How fiction works / James Wood.
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The open look. Photos. by Stefan Congrat-Butlar.
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The world is a wedding / by Delmore Schwartz.
39074010062859 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time PS3537.C79W6
Meyer Schapiro abroad : letters to Lillian and travel notebooks / edited by Daniel Esterman.
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Best-selling Jewish porn films : new poems / Wayne Koestenbaum.
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Shorter works [of] Franz Kafka, translated from the German and edited by Malcolm Pasley.
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Sonnets / Bernadette Mayer.
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Jasper Johns drawings, 1954-1984 / text by David Shapiro ; project director, David Whitney ; editor,
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After Lorca.
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The pyramid is a pure crystal.
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Dürer in the window : reflexions on art / Barbara Guest ; [editor, Africa Wayne].
39074016095481 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time N7445.2 .G837x 2003
Poetry and painting : Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Apollinaire, and their painter friends : the Zaharoff le
39074010497964 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time PQ439.B72 1994
Comment écrire pour Jasper Johns = [How to write for Jasper Johns = Versuch für Jasper Johns zu schr
39074023776586 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time N6537.J6 B88 2007
Daily sonnets / Laynie Browne.
39074023003528 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time PS3552.R748 D35 2007
A book of prophesies / John Wieners ; edited by Michael Carr with an introduction by Jim Dunn.
39074022845143 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time PS3573.I35 B665x 2007
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Studio and cube : on the relationship between where art is made and where art is displayed / Brian O
39074025238742 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time N8520 .O26 2007
The journal of John Wieners is to be called 707 Scott Street for Billie Holiday, 1959.
39074011037033 DUE 08-17-09 Renewed 1 time PS3573.I35Z467 1996
A thing among things : the art of Jasper Johns / John Yau.
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Philosophy in turbulent times : Canguilhem, Sartre, Foucault, Althusser, Deleuze, Derrida / Elisabet
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12 x 12 : conversations in 21st-century poetry and poetics / edited by Christina Mengert and Joshua
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Analogies of escape / Keith Waldrop.
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Trash / edited by John Knechtel.
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The long schoolroom : lessons in the bitter logic of the poetic principle / Allen Grossman.
39074010768737 DUE 08-17-09 PS3557.R67Z47 1997
How to do things with tears / by Allen Grossman.
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Sweet youth : poems by a young man and an old man, old and new, 1953-2001 / Allen Grossman.
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Poetry against torture : criticism, history, and the human / Paul A. Bové.
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Yakov Malkiel : a tentative autobibliography / with an introduction by Henry Kahane ; special editor
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Playing golf on the moon is one of the last things you would expect any man to do, but Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr, the fifth person to walk on the moon did it during the apollo 14 mission. He played golf with a Wilson six-iron head which was attached to a lunar scoop handle. Since he was wearing a very thick astronaut's suit he could swing the golf club with only with a single hand.

The Bicycle Subcommittee of the Temple Transportation Committee requests your assistance.
Our priority is to develop recommendations to promote safe bicycle use by the Temple community, and promote bike-related programs that reflect the interests of the Temple community.

We are asking students, faculty, and staff to complete the short survey at the link below. The survey should take no more than 1 minute to complete. Survey responses are processed to ensure respondent anonymity. Thank you for participating!

percentage of light eyes in europe

For Godot turns 1 today.

a kettleful of magic tools

Dr. Dolittle:

The Project Gutenberg Web pages for current donation methods and addresses. Donations are accepted in a swift ship, and poking his nose straight up in a constant state of Mississippi and granted tax exempt status with the big one shouted to the other monkeys.

Moby Dick:

The Project Gutenberg volunteers and employees expend considerable effort to identify, do copyright research on, transcribe and proofread public domain eBooks. Redistribution is subject to the deck by its breezing up again. Issuing from the lower mast-head, the strongest and most docile earth; consider them both, if possible, one instantly after the second iron towing along near me caught me just here, to make the bed after breakfast, and chowder for supper, you know;--merry's the word.

The Devil's Dictionary:
The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael Hart, the owner of a river about one hundred and sixty-five disappointments.

Thus Spake Zarathustra:

The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments must be pitiful, I dislike to live among anchorites and saints? Verily, my brother, which thou callest 'spirit,'" says Zarathustra.


The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael Hart, the owner said protected it by sending a written explanation to the woods, to eke out my scanty fare of vegetables. My way led through Pleasant Meadow, an adjunct of the coast of Spain. That's a true discovery, and he had not dreamed it.

Glinda of Oz:

The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments must be also; so let us catch what we wanted. They defied us, so Rora prepared a kettleful of magic tools had been made and could not hold them all.

The Outline of Science:

The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments should be clear that these chemical messengers from the plebeian crab-apple of the electric charges carried by the rapidly revolving blades of an onion) round the mouth the very beginning of a Neanderthal race, or as a whole follows a path closely corresponding to mental activity as the electrons in the process of sifting continue consistently, the result will tend to be a long lizard-like tail, which no one will dispute the statement that can dissolve a larger particle, which we call light is very easy.

A set of simple Markov tests.

A size of paper produced by folding a printing sheet four times to form sixteen leaves; a page of this size, or a book composed of such pages.

= sextodecimo

A name for orthopterous insects of the families Acridiidæ and Locustidæ, remarkable for their powers of leaping, and the chirping sound produced by the males.

= grasshopper

A sailor's term of contempt for a landsman.

An imaginary land of plenty without labour; a land of laziness.

tx oed --

I have nothing to search for and I am searching for it and that is poetry as I need it.

Forgodot Pedagogical Institute
Dream Research Lab

beneath a layer of fur
beneath a layer of endothelial cells
beneath a layer of vegetation
beneath a layer of surface sediment
beneath a layer of demolition material
beneath a layer of moving air
beneath a layer of Sally Hansen’s Natural Lip Gloss
beneath a layer of sliced ham
beneath a layer of hot impact ejecta
beneath a layer of sherbet straws
beneath a layer of photosensitive material
beneath a layer of PVC
beneath a layer of bulletproof fiber
beneath a layer of nitrogen ice
beneath a layer of warm fudge
beneath a layer of soft bluish bone
beneath a layer of resin
beneath a layer of salt
beneath a layer of shale
beneath a layer of undisturbed loess
beneath a layer of green peas
beneath a layer of sawdust
beneath a layer of epithelium
beneath a layer of chicken fat
beneath a layer of fog
beneath a layer of snow
beneath a layer of sandy peat
beneath a layer of lace
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beneath a layer of aromatic loam
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beneath a layer of superficial roots
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From the album In C
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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day canceled

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The planning committee that organizes the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day program has announced that the 2009 event has been canceled due to budget constraints.

The committee had been meeting since October to plan 2009 activities following the success of last year’s event. Since then, however, the economic environment at the university has changed, and the committee struggled to find ways to present this year’s program on a smaller budget.

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* "Holub's concentration on molecular destiny, perhaps strategically, overlooks the fact that we are storytelling animals dependent on each other, and moving towards a goal in ways that are partially constrained by the way we have already moved. (...) Holub has been called a humanist -- why, I can't say. Perhaps "humanist" is intended to designate someone who finds no human act or discovery or experience too odd. Otherwise, Holub is about as far from the Erasmian ideal as it is possible to be." - Iain Bamforth, Parnassus (2001 ; Vol.25, Issue 1/2)

* "Holub is an immunologist, and the rigorous logic of the scientist shows in many of the poems, which are almost mathematical in their analogies. But it is a mathematics with blood in it." - Paul Breslin, Poetry (7/1997)

* "His dislike of "poetical" embellishment, his concern that poetry should be rooted in plain, unadorned fact, is a product of years of Communist propaganda in Stalinist Czechoslovakia. It has also been influenced by the methods of the laboratory, which depend, above all things else, upon clear-headed inquiry." - The Economist (5/8/1995)

* "This ability to find wonder in the betrayals of DNA and the workings of viruses and cancers is one of Holub's greatest poetic gifts. He is endlessly fascinated by the grotesque, diseased and deformed. Accordingly, for all its talk of genes and genomes, Holub's poetry seems as much imaginatively indebted to Robert Chambers's theory of monstrous birth as to Darwinian natural selection." - Tim Kendall, Times Literary Supplement (15/5/1998)

* "His wry humour was, paradoxically, eminently serious. He may not have been out to improve the world- he probably did not believe in the perfectibility of man - but he was entirely serious about showing up human frailty and folly." - Ewald Osers, New Statesman (7/8/1998)

* "Witty, austere, classical, totally without egotism or sentimentality, he was a tireless awakener of the cynical and the servile. Throughout his poems and his prose writings, he insists that we learn a humility that can oppose the corrupt and vicious totalitarian state - the labyrinth in which his favourite symbol the minotaur stalks and stumbles and growls. His poems have a strict, undogmatic openness and wit as well as a heartening strictness and throwaway severity. In them we had that distinctive form of ethical joy we find in Aeschylus." - Tom Paulin, The Guardian (16/7/1998)

* "Holub has much in common with Auden -- a profound interest in science, a highly developed sense of irony, a strong sense of oneself as a citizen, and not least a distrust of the ego and the ego's sense of its own value, what he describes (...) as "the dubious theatre / of a thousand actors and one spectator". It is not the world which vanishes, in Holub, but ways of coping with it, such as Communism, serum shots, or particular types of humour." - John Redmond, Times Literary Supplement (28/3/1997)

* "Miroslav Holub seems to expect his readers to act like scientists, who are curious in every direction, take nothing for granted, and are willing to accept any truth, however unexpected." - Matthew Zapruder, Verse (Volume 15, Numbers 1 and 2)


Trapped in thought; a study of the Beckettian mentality.

Levy, Eric P.

Syracuse U. Pr.


248 pages



Irish studies


To some critics, to describe certain passages by Beckett as empty pits would be to assign them too much space and air. Levy (English, U. of British Columbia) understands well that critics have difficulty interpreting what may appear to be nothing but what he calls "formal brilliance." Instead of assigning Beckett's less-penetrable texts to the category of mystery, he seeks the great paradox of Beckett, which is the purpose of purposelessness, the understanding of life as the inability to begin that which is not yet ended or to end that which has not yet begun. After a review of critics that also serves as his introduction, Levy shows how Beckett's opacity hides an open wound carefully tended so it cannot be touched by healing, a construct in which all content is removed from experience except that consistent with the attitude registering it.

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