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for godot [archive]

research in poetry

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Swell up, steep Cossacks.
Baffle us with equitation
Leave us sweating in wonder,
Brows sodden in the sap of twinklestuff.

We foment full and bare in your equipage,
Down down baby
Yanked up new bald and ready
Nape chapped, knees bulbous, awkward in space.

Fly forward and pull us on,
sweet heedless Nymph, ambrosial tartlet.
Baked Alaska of the lea, whip, melba.
Dulcet beast.

I like the way you're walking if you're walking my way
Needle and thread, one hand washes the other.
As birds sing out of sight, dull tines at the ready
to pierce the cervical arteries of our hillbilly foes.

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