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for godot [archive]

research in poetry

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Hello for doe.com reader.
I'm dictating this text to my computer through a shotgun mic and a $30 I like soundcard that can fit in your stocking. I find this to be a good way of taking notes on things I'm reading that look away from the page, as well as for making notes during recorded poetry readings. I sit in my chair with headphones on, and speak back to the computer. My voice sounds distant. Muffled. I can hear Louis Zukowski batter than my own voice.

There are few words I can't say. One is. PE are I owe D.

a with some practice comma and an expanded vocabulary derived from dozens of e-mails I have written, I can get pretty good accuracy. The point is that I don't want to be looking at the screen while I am writing. It is taking me a good deal of fiddling and testing out three or four or five or six microphones before getting assisted the kidney accuracy above 90 or 95%. So. That's about that.

CD of common almanac for a full explanation. Excelsior!

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