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for godot [archive]

research in poetry

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Ben Patterson Tells Fluxus Stories

... width-long enough to retain the backgrounded content for lyric condensation. This faculty aids the concretization of the extended ... If lyric condensation releases as narrative arc, his next shapeshift may be prose fiction. The generic tension between narrative run run and lyric row row ... But the 'Finales' and many 'Ensembles' and even 'Arias' contain heterogeneous elements to which the technique of lyric condensation is not applicable ... effect depends on the poem's ability to create a unified readerly response to its narrative epiphanies through their subsequent lyric condensation ... more particularly, is left when the poet himself, even in a long poem, is unwilling to surrender lyric condensation and intensity? ... of a new collocation of meanings inscribed in the reader's subjectivity and activated by the lyric condensation of experience in the singular images, ... Not only is she obliged to distinguish lyric condensation and the abridgment of time and space from the sequence of narratives, but she also must attempt to ... setting up the lyric condensation of a diegetic narrative in a phrase which artfully sums it all up, a phrase like "doesn't last too long," or "wasn't ... lyric condensation and allegorical obscurity sublate ... original are of great lyric condensation and often (specially in the Cinque Maggio), of Pindaric abruptness. and of a rhetorical splendor in allusions ...


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